always behind

These photos of the boys are months behind, and I've just not had opportunity to post them to share.
Life is busier right now than I ever could have imagined, and I have so very very little down time, much less free time, to do anything right now. Pay a bill on time; dust, read a book, go for a walk, sit and RELAX, notice that its actually spring and almost summer already, count Jude's growing vocabulary words, work on puzzles with Ethan, sleep in (HA), clean out my closet, weed the garden, get the boys' haircut, wash the car or a million other little tasks, jobs, ideas or MOMENTS - they've all been lost off the radar and thus my life is a huge, unorganized mess and I feel I'm on an upward, muddy hill just sliding off.

Even that sentence was incoherent. I don't even have time to go back and rewrite it.

But - the boys, they're growing up all lovely and boyish all by themselves, thankfully. Jude's new word today is 'bubbles' (as in, bath). Ethan's amazing me on a daily basis with his own intellect (and astounding gift of not listening to a thing I say); Troy never stops being the most amazing dad and husband (happy fathers' day, love) and well, we all have our health. So there.

so, until next time, alienated readers (and for that I am sorry).

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Last Saturday (ok lets be honest, Sunday until the not so wee hours as well) was my 20 year highschool reunion. I had such a great time - so did everyone, I think.

This picture is of me and my very old friend Tanya. We met in the 6th grade, I think, and were pretty tight in senior year. It was so great to see her again. I'm convinced neither of us have changed a bit - maybe tamer hairstyles, that's about it!

Anyway, just wanted to share this picture. :)
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mini E

My assumptions have been confirmed now, by a few sources/friends. Jude has officially turned into a Mini Ethan (with brunette hair). He is no longer a baby. I keep forgetting this, partially because I only seem to participate in 5% of his daily M-F existance (thus, making his aging progress seemed even more accellerated) and partially because he'll always be Baby Judie. Always. My baby. Jude.

But lookit 'im. He's a boy, on the cusp of registering for community college, this one. So big. So Ethan. So TROY. Its amazing.

Jude's language has been a bit behind Ethan's at this age - Jude's vocabulary quaintly contained Mummy, Daddy (with exhuberance), BALL!, mow for cat (meow), and rum! for cars (obviously) and lots of mmmms and uh oh and umm hmmms.

As of yesterday, his new words are Puppy (Puh Peeee!!!!), Duck (dUCK!) and Baby (bay beeeh!). Big boy. I recall one of Ethan's first words was also puppy :)


I got a deadline for a report extended, which keeps my whole weekend free and clear for my 3 men folk. So looking forward to it.

Time is just FLEETING. My god. I feel I just gotta hold on for this ride.
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We hope to make it back to the beach this weekend.
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sugar. Ugh.

I'm sure Ethan has some wack sugar sensitivity. It turns him on a dime and he gets super-hyper and its hellish for all concerned.

I'm exhausted. And determined to remove the Easter chocolate from his view and reduce his potty-smarties to the occassional ONE, once in a while.

But for potty training this weekend? He's done excellent. He's in underpants full time now except for naps and nighttime. An average of one accident an day. I'm so proud. Tomorrow: off to Walmart to buy extra underwear for E! (beats buying diapers!).

Its been a good weekend. Not restful, natch, but good. And Dad placed third in Straits! yay! Congrats, Skipper.

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we love a long weekend.

We love having 4 days together with the boys.

We love to hit the beach and dig in the sand.

We love the sun and warm weather.

We're just in love.

Happy weekend - Happy Easter to all of you!

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Dad's racing his 3,087,987,855 Southern Straits Race this weekend - a constant Easter tradition in our house growing up. He was almost always home in time for the Easter Bunny's treats on Sunday morning.

Happy Easter Dad. Go, speed racer.

I love you.
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we love the beach

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